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What is Fibrosis After Liposuction?

After any kind of surgery, the skin can build up adhesions. This adhesion is present in the process of scarring and is an unnatural accumulation of elements in the form of bands which abnormally connect two or more surfaces of tissues and disturb the body functions....

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Arthritis Massage Therapy is the Relief You Need

Hundreds of thousands of people live with arthritis and the pain that it presents on a daily basis. Living in constant pain is no way to live. Especially if there are specially trained professionals out there that can help to alleviate that pain, without the use of...

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Prenatal Massage Benefits

  Pregnancy is meant to be the happiest time of a young woman’s life, even though it can come with its fair share of complications at times. Just as it is meant to be a time of happiness, pregnancy is largely a time of dramatic changes occurring with the woman’s...

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Are Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massages Needed?

Every day, there are more people who undergo plastic surgery. Looking good is very related to feeling good, and even more, if it starts to be a social requirement when applying for a job, where many times the word "good presence" is replacing "professional...

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Looking For A Sports Massage in Miami?

The countdown to the Super Bowl has begun and the football hype is growing quickly. Your husband, sons, and maybe even you yourself, are out back throwing the football around for a couple of hours a few times a week. For those of you who go really hard with your...

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Treat Yourself With Massage Therapy in Miami

Massages aren’t just a form of pampering. Self-care is so important during today’s perpetually busy lifestyle. The hustle and bustle of living in a large city such as Miami can really put some serious mental and physical strain on a person. Massage therapy in the city...

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