Body Contouring After Liposuction

Body treatments or non-invasive body contouring have become popular in many spas and med spas for cellulite treatment, tightening the skin, reducing centimeters, or simply bringing out the contoured body that every sexy woman wants to show off. While it’s true that the term “body contouring” is used by plastic surgeons to optimize body contouring through plastic surgery, nowadays, it’s also used as a non-invasive way of shaping the body. It is well known that cosmetic surgery is trending as every woman wants to look beautiful and the price of surgeries have decreased, and even payment options are offered. However, many women do not want to go through the risks of plastic surgery: anesthesia, embolism, infections, downtime, etc. For those, non-invasive body contouring is a great alternative. 

What is non-invasive body contouring?

To avoid the risk of surgery and provide this non-invasive alternative, a series of machines have been created to fulfill multiple functions. 
Among the most common methods are radiofrequency, vacuum therapy, cavitation, lipo laser, ultrasound, galvanic currents, wood therapy, shape candle, and legacy candle, among others. These machines are used to reduce local fat, treat cellulite, tighten the skin and shape the body contour. 
There is a vast umbrella of possibilities for non-invasive body contouring, but some produce minimal downtime, and they rely on using a laser to attack the fat cell under the skin. It is highly recommended you do some research before committing. 

Why is our protocol exclusive?

Our service focuses on improving the appearance of your body immediately after liposuction instead of relying on the use of machinery as their side effects could be undesirable in the long run.  

We take the road less traveled: our exclusive protocol is personalized to suit your needs and maximizes the use of our hands with minimal device use. Like a work of art, the value of technique and therapy is in the hands of the therapist, not in a machine. 

We feel that we are artisans in what we do.

With our non-invasive treatments and the use of exclusive devices, we can improve the elasticity of your sides so that the shape of your curves naturally appears.

Combining our two patented techniques in the USA

Many times, patients undergo liposuction surgery followed immediately by lymphatic drainage massage. We have generally observed that when these postoperative massages have been performed in other practices, they come to our center with restrictions in the form of “tension ropes” on the flanks, which gives them a “square or unattractive” appearance even after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

When evaluating this patient, we recognize that she has remaining restrictive fibrosis on her sides, and that is where we begin an adequate treatment with our Protocols. Needless to say, we work with our line of DIVA products, recommended to optimize any result that has to do with the beauty and health of your skin.

I already did the lipo, but I still look “square.”

At this moment, after purchasing the post-surgery lymphatic drainage package at our Post-Surgery Center, we can add the body contouring after the liposuction package to give your body the curvy shape you have always dreamt of having. We suggest that you contact our expert staff so that they can advise you and offer you the service packages with discounts that best suit your budget. Make your surgery worthwhile and get the best result!