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This patient came to us stating she had fibrosis but the massage therapist she was going to was not helping. This photo was taken after just four sessions of our fibrosis treatment, although she still needs treatment you can see there is a big difference already. 

This patient drives one hour to our facility just for treatment. And you can see what a difference it makes when you do the correct post-surgery treatments. This work was done with hands only, no machines or wooden tools were used. ​

This patient had liposuction done in her arms. You can see the difference between an arm that has been drained and one that has not. Remember you need post-surgical massages after any surgery no matter how minor. 

Before and After! This patient had about 10+ fibrosis treatments. Although we still have a bit of work to do this is a huge difference. 

This patient took a photo of how she looked the day after surgery and compared it to a photo she took after just 5 post-surgical drainage's with us. The patient was more than happy!

Our patients progress after 9 fibrosis treatments. So far she is very happy with her results but we still have little spots to work on. NOTE: The amount of time and sessions it takes to remove fibrosis depends on each patients specific case. ​

Before and after photos taken on the same day just 45 minutes apart after our post-surgical drainage's. This photo was after the patient's 7th massage with us. 

Before and After photos of a patient who came to us all the way from Australia. After four fibrosis treatments we were able to reduce it a great amount. Fibrosis is what happens when the lymphatic liquid is not drained correctly and turns hard in the body. 

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This patient was six weeks post-surgery when the photo was taken. Both photos were taken on the same day, after a 45 minute post-surgery drainage session. We do not touch the tummy tuck scar, we work around it.