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Medical massage includes advanced therapeutic massage techniques where the professional has specialized training to treat specific medical conditions. Medical massage is result oriented and the treatment is specifically directed to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed and prescribed by a Physician. The therapist may use a variety of modalities or procedures during the treatment, but will focus only on the areas of the body related to the diagnosis and prescription.

SWEDISH MASSAGE $ 90 /60 min. (light to medium pressure)

Relieves tight areas, helps reduce muscle spasms. Provide relaxation after

an stressful day, should be used to reduce tension and increase wellness sensation ​​​

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE $ 100/ 60 min. (deep pressure)

To alleviate the body tension, helps to reduce the stress. Technique in high demand

for people wanted deep pressure on their muscles. Neuro-muscular therapy can be ​

applied to treat knots and muscle spasms.

 MASSAGE Services 


Relieves tight areas, helps reduce muscle spasms on legs. Stretching

therapy should be used to reduce pain and tension on plantar area. ​​​


After 3 months of pregnancy. Under doctor prescription, to alleviate the back and

joints tension due to overweight. Helps to decrease the anxiety level.



Medical Massage: $ 45 /30 min.

Relieves tight areas, helps reduce muscle spasms. Most common areas

are the back, neck and shoulders. Trigger point therapy should be used. ​​​

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment: $ 45/30 min.

Promotes flexibility to decrease risk of injury, reduce pain and swelling.

Paraffin wax hand treatment. 



MASSAGE FOR Fibromyalgia: $ 80/45 MIN

Improve range of motion in joints, Can reduce heart rate. 

​And increase production of body's natural painkillers. 

temporo-mandibular joint: $45/30 MIN

Reduction of tension of the temporo mandibular joint muscles, restore 

​the range of motion of the joint. Neuro-muscular therapy. 

Massage for bell's palsy: $ 45/30 MIN

To maintain the health and function of the facial muscle while the nerve 

heals. To keep flaccid muscles elastic and well nourished.

Exercise facial muscles that control the eyebrows and mouth for the best outcome. 

Lymphedema Post mastectomy:: $ 45/30 MIN 

​Reduce swelling, reduce pain and improve your range of motion.