Microblading is a technique created with the modern woman in mind. Many of us need to be made up and groomed in the shortest time possible, and we could not spend too much time on a detailed make-up every day, since we would be late everywhere. That is why this technique of semi-permanent makeup for the eyebrows, allows us to have the frame of the eye, always perfect when it comes to talking about our appearance. It also helps us to improve our expression, cover scars or simply make our eyebrows look shiny and defined. It is a hair-by-hair technique with a 3D design that gives the eye as much naturalness as possible. Also, the choice in the color of the pigments to be used, plays an important role since it adapts perfectly to all skin colors. Our expert in Microblading, is at the same time Licensed in Esthetic, which makes her knowledge more solid when it comes to harmony and beauty. 

Our practice makes a previous consultation where through different types of molds, you can have an approximate idea of how the work would be finished. This offers greater security when it comes to making the final work, because beforehand, we have a previous design, as who makes a test drawing, before placing the final ink on it. To make the design, factors such as the shape of the face, the age of the client are considered, the measurements are taken between the eyes and a very careful design is started that is at the customer’s pleasure. The treatment is done with local anesthetic, and creams and products are recommended after work is finished. It is suggested to do a touch-up one month after the completion of the microblading and an annual maintenance. This maintenance allows depigmentation to be counteracted, since pigments tend to lighten over time. Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup, it lasts approximately three years depends on the care you have. The techniques of semi-permanent and permanent makeup are the techniques every day in greater demand, since women want to always look beautiful and invest the least time possible. Men also perform this procedure, usually to cover a scar or because they like to have more populated eyebrows. Consult our experts to obtain the quality of service that characterizes us.