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 A​re you looking for massage therapy to help you in relief from chronic long term pain or on-going stress? Are you a weekend warrior athlete or a computer user who needs help with repetitive motion injuries? Do you need a post surgery treatment after your aesthetic surgery? If any of these are what brought you to Medical Massage Professionals, we can help! Explores theses pages to learn more about our "unique" techniques for face and body. Our philosophy is to meet and exceed the needs of our costumer service and unbeatable value. Medical Massage Professionals prides itself as one of the most competitive and affordable Clinica in Miami. Our Company will aim to make each encounter so satisfying that the clients looks forward to repeating the experience and is inspired to recommend it to others

What we do? Medical Massage, specialists in:


  • Liposuction

  • Fat transfer (BBL)

  • Tummy tuck or mini tummy

  • Mommy makeover

  • Face surgery (lymphatic drainage for nose job of lifting)

  • Breast augmentation, reduction or breast implants


  • neck and back pain ( disc herniation, spasms, tension relief, sciatic nerve problems)
  • shoulders pain (bad posture due computer work, rotator cuff release)
  • Temporo-Mandibular Join disorders (TMJ)
  • Medical Massage for Fibromyalgia patients
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Bell Palsy's Massage

What make our Company different of others massage place?

The Staff, they are very professional and trained in advanced therapeutic techniques and excellent customer service.


Medical Massage Professionals in Miami, has been providing quality of post-surgery treatments for more than a decade. The environment at the clinic is one of the best tranquility and comfort with convenient free parking lot. Marian Sotelo-Paz is the Founder and Director with 23 years of experience in this field. She received her massage therapy diploma in 1991, ever since she has continued her education obtaining certifications in Countries like Argentina, France, Spain, Chile and USA obtaining a wide rank of knowledge including a Bachelor Degree in Science of Kinesiology. Marian treats patients after plastic surgery with different bodywork techniques of lymphatic drainage in"open" modality (when the lymphatic fluid come out through the incision) with plastic drainage, with stitches on or "closed" while the fluid is absorbed by the body or eliminated through the urine. Marian shares not only book knowledge, but most importantly experiences from her practice.

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Post Surgery Treatments



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Medical Massage & Skin Care


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Face Surgery



Marian Sotelo-Paz


Eduardo Romero

Executive Officer- Manager


Ruth Gavilanes

​Massage Therapist Program

Therapist Assistant

Valentina Moreno

Office Manager

​Nursing Assitant Program

Barbara Govea

Nursing Department

Services's Coordinator

Oriane Durand


Therapist Assistant

Adalys Delgado


Therapist Assistant

Annamaria Salley


Therapist Assistant-Driver

dPatricia Leon

Home Health Aid

Nursing Assistant (Army)

Margot  Chapmon

Home Health Aid

Nursing Assistant Diploma-Driver

Stacey Cilien

Medical Assistant /Caregiver

Health Practitioner -Driver

Walter Aguilar

Services's Coordinator


Marian Sotelo-Paz: EDUCATION
  • "Medical Massage:Lymphatic Drainage & Lymphedema"

  • Cavitation & Radiofrequency after surgery"

  • "National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork" as Board Approved Continuing Education Provider

  • "Massage and Fibromyalgia: by NCTMB

  • "Medical Massage" Low back disorder, disc hermiation, sciatic nerve neuralgia post isometric relaxation and back rehab.

  • "Post surgery treatments after Liposuction"

  • "Body wrap, cavitation and radiofrequency"

  • Approved and authorized by State of Florida Board of Massage Therapy to by Instructor in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology and Massage Therapy skills through State of Florida Apprenticeship Program, in which students can make their entire careers , theory and practice at Medical Massage Professionals

  • "Orthopedic Assessment"

  • "Registered Chiropractic Assistant"

  • "Certified in Neuromuscular Techniques and exercises to improve ROM in head, neck and shoulders"

  • Instructor in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology and Massage Therapy.

  • "Certified Prenatal Therapist"

  • 'Licensed Massage Therapist" State of Florida

  • 'Bachelor of Science of Kinesiology", validation of Global Education Group, International Education Consultants in United States. 

  • 'Kinesiologist Degree" at Science of Health School, University of Mendoza,Argentina

  • "Certified by European School of Therapeutic Chiro-Massage and Natural Therapies, in Spain.

  • ""Technician in Chemistry", Argentina

  • "Massage Therapist" graduated in 1991 in Argentina.

Marian Sotelo-Paz

​Founder & Director