2 Lymphatic Drainage's​

Full Body

45 min.


5 Lymphatic Drainage​'s

Full Body

45 min.


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4 Lymphatic Drainage's​

Full Body

45 min.


This leotard style garment is perfect for stage two, it is easier to hide under normal clothes. Has hooks in the front and one hook in the crotch area. $70.00

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami


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One garment/faja for $70.00 or two for $140.00! 

1 Lymphatic Drainage​

Full Body

45 min.


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 ​Medical Massage Professionals

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Patients arrive to our clinic (facility) with open and/or draining incisions. The Marian   Method technique DOES NOT involve the cut of/or removal of the skin and/or stitches, We do not use needles, machines, provide and/or suggest any kind of medicine. We do not use any skin cream or lotion. The Marian Method  is not an invasive method. The Marian Method  is a hands on technique only.

​​5 Fibrosis Treatment​'s

Local Area

30 min.


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Marian Sotelo-Paz, LMT-NCBTMB

Founder & Director of Medical Massage Professionals LLC, She is an Instructor/Trainer/ Writer specialist in Post-surgery treatments with 26 years of experience in this field. Her university level of education, and training in Argentina, Spain, France, Chile, USA allow her to create a unique post-surgery technique known as


The Marian Method™

 Marian is known as "The best" all over the internet.

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​​3 Lymphatic Drainage's​

Full Body

45 min.



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 2. Take your pain medication one hour before arriving. 

 3. Bring Gatorade to your treatment!!

*Your Caregiver/nurse should have there own gloves and supplies. 

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The Vedette 944, no zipper or hook in the crotch area, just an opening. Has both hooks and zippers on the front. Perfect for stage one or two.


Inventory: IN STOCK (BEIGE) 

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The Uplady 6077, perfect for Stage One. Also has a zipper in the crotch area, comes in the color black.  $70.00

Inventory: IN STOCK  (BLACK)

LIC. NO. MM 14040

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