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Why  choose us for your Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

At Medical Massage Professionals we know how important is for you to achieve that look you’ve envisioned.  

The same dedication you put into look for the appropriate surgeon, is needed to look for the therapist who will support your post op recovery and will bring comfort and relief, but most importantly to help you prevent undesired complications such as fibrosis. 

Our therapeutic plan and our vast experience are the perfect combination for your post op lipo 360, tummy tuck, bbl, mommy makeover and any type of cosmetic surgery.   

Our team of therapists have the credentials and experience you need to make your after surgery treatment a success. Additionally they work under direct supervision of our CEO and Founder Marian Sotelo-Paz, creator of the only non-invasive technique to reduce and eliminate fibrosis.  (“Sotelo-Paz technique for fibrosis treatment and soft tissue mobilization”Ⓡ 

To serve you better, we offer you two exclusive locations:  Miami and the Orlando area. When purchasing a package or therapeutic plan you can combine both locations (start in one and conclude in the other).   

We provide the best fibrosis prevention treatment and we are able to prove it with results.  When you book your post surgery treatment with us “exclusively“, we can guarantee that you will not develop fibrosis. Send us a message now to +1 (786) 488 8805.  Our operators answer 24/7.  

Our centers are visited by world wide patients and they leave satisfied that have found a solution for their fibrosis! 


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Who is Marian Sotelo-Paz, CEO & Founder at Medical Massage Professionals?

  • A therapist with a solid career of over 30 years with 62 diplomas obtained in countries such as France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and the US. Throughout her vast experience, she has obtained the following achievements:
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Bachelors in Kinesiology
  • Medical Massage Practitioner
  • National Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
  • National Health and Education Provider
  • Creator of 2 patented and trademarked techniques nationwide for post-surgery drainage massages and for fibrosis treatment after liposuction.
  • Author of 3 books; “Before and After”, a guide for the patient that faces a plastic surgery and “Post-Surgery Drainage Massage”, a great guide for the masseurs that are going to dedicate themselves to this specialization in their career. “Fibrosis after lipo” 
  • Medical Massage Professionals is a practice visited by patients from all over the world who want to treat imperfections after plastic surgery. It is the only clinic in the United States that owns the patent for that technique.

CEO & Founder

Marian Sotelo-Paz

Lic. No MA49040

Do Your Research

If you ended up here you are on the right track. We are the leading professionals in the field of post surgery massages in Miami and Orlando area.   We offer the best therapeutic  post surgery plan for lipo 360, BBL, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, arms and thighs liposuction, double chin surgery.  Don’t settle for just a massage, get the full experience of therapeutic plan. Don’t let these other companies fool you. Marian is the creator of 2 patented techniques in post-surgery drainage massages. 

From Our Clients

Here at Medical Massage Professionals, we take pride in our practice and nothing means more to us than a happy client.

I am very impressed with the results. From my first session, I saw a significant improvement in the overall look and feel of my stomach. I have a couple more sessions to go and I can’t wait. So happy to have found this place not only for the results, but the customer service and care. If you want to get rid of your fibrosis don’t look anywhere else. This place is god sent.”

Diana Rosero

After 4 months doing different types of treatments to eliminate fibrosis and without seeing any results, I finally arrived at this center and The result from the first session was incredible, 100% recommended, the before and after posts are 100% real. The team is super professional and friendly, the atmosphere is “good vibes” the appointments are punctual and the price is much lower than infinite sessions of treatments that do not work at all … In just 5 sessions the change was surprising. Marian Sotelo Paz is definitely an expert in fibrosis! She is the best! Thank you so much!”

Jose Andrew

I’m so happy that I chose Medical Massage Professionals and Fibrosis Experts for my LDM and taping. The woman there are very kind and welcoming, they know exactly what they are doing and will leave you feeling 100000% better after every massage. I HIGHLY recommend. I will definitely come back for a massage when I return to Miami. Check them out you won’t regret it!”

Demi Hatwood

A Guide For Cosmetic Surgery

Márian Sotelo-Paz has written A Guide for Cosmetic Surgery to help navigate patients on their journey with cosmetic surgery. Available in English and Spanish.


Before & After

A Guide for Cosmetic Surgery


Antes y Despues

Una Guia en Cirugia Cosmetica

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