About Medical Massage Professionals

Medical Massage Professionals

Medical Massage Professionals is a medical spa located in Miami, Florida. With over 31 years of experience, they have honed their craft and specialized in preventing and treating fibrosis after plastic surgery. They have now successfully received 2 USA patents in techniques to treat post-op patients.

At Medical Massage Professionals we are a fully staffed therapy center for fibrosis prevention and treatment.  

We pride ourselves our university background and experience that sets us above any other center.  Our Director, Marian Sotelo-Paz,  is a Kinesiologist and  Phisiotherapist, Master  in Medical Massage (Massage Practiotioner), numerous times awarded nationally and internationally.  

With two patented techniques in US: one for fibrosis prevention, “Post Surgery Drainage Sotelo-Paz Technique®”, is the best start to your post op treatment we will focus on the lymphatic stimulation for fluid release and small lumps.   

“Sotelo-Paz technique for fibrosis treatment and soft tissue mobilization®”, the only non invasive procedure to reduce and remove fibrosis.  We perform an average of 2000 treatments yearly with amazing results! In most cases we can remove fibrosis in 5-8 sessions for less than half of the cost of a revision surgery and without the risks and downtime. See for yourself our before and after gallery

We also offer our own ” Post Op Therapeutic Plan“, the perfect combination for your surgery.  Our exclusive protocol is carefully designed to take over your after surgery therapy, garment training, coaching and even discount in other treatments such as “shape improvement” and contourig after lipo.   

All these done by highly qualified staff personally trained and supervised by the Director.    

If you are still wondering why choose us: 

  • Our highly experienced staff  – Experts only
  • Attention to detail 
  • Plan for success. Not just a random massage
  • Great pricing.  Most of our clients come to us to realize that they could have saved hundreds if they would have come to us first hand.  
  • Award-wining:  We’ve received multiple awards, amongst them we’ve been named one of the top 10 massage places in US. 

Oil rubbing hands are everywhere, seasoned therapists are hard to find. Come with us and know the difference!  

Client Results in 6 sessions

Client Testimonial

“Medical Massage Professional Center, is a great and safe place where to go for Lymphatic Drainage massages after a plastic surgery and specially for Lipo Fibrosis massages Post-Liposuction! They are the best professionals doing their work, I recommend 100% this medical center with my eyes closed!

On a personal basis I would like to thank Marian Sotelo-Paz, owner and founder of the best techniques patented in the USA on how to treat and eliminate Lipo Fibrosis after a laser surgery and to her staff, to name Cindy, young professional with great knowledge of what she does!

Once again, a great place where to treat you!”

Márian Sotelo - Paz

Márian Sotelo - Paz

Lic. No MA49040

Meet Our CEO & Founder

  • Creator of “Post-Surgery Drainage Massage Sotelo-Paz Technique®” patented in the USA.
  • Creator of “Sotelo-Paz technique for fibrosis treatment and soft tissue mobilization®” patented in the USA.
  • Author of “Before & After”, “Post-Surgery Drainage” and “Fibrosis after Liposuction”, all related to post-op treatment.
  • Her blog about fibrosis is #1 in the world.
  • 30 + years as a Therapist.
  • Trained in South America, Europe, and the USA.
  • 62 Diplomas on the wall related to her career from all over.
  • American Top 10 Massage Therapist by American Top 10 magazine.

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