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Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Fibrosis Experts

Terms of Service 

s Medical Massage Professionals, LLC  DBA Post Surgery Center is a Pre-Paid Services private practice for post-surgery lymphatic drainage, specializing in fibrosis prevention and treatment center. 
We specialize in post-cosmetic surgery treatments such as lymphatic drainage massage.   We are fully licensed and insured.  Some of the services we provide are post-op lymphatic drainage after liposuction, lipo 360, BBL (Brazilian Buttocks Lift), mommy makeover post-surgery massages, and massages after chin lipo. But we also do fibrosis treatment in the Orlando area and Miami. We are the only center in the United States for fibrosis prevention and fibrosis treatment after surgery. Our founder has created the ONLY patented technique in the US that prevents, reduces, and removes fibrosis in a non-invasive way. 

We work by appointment only and it is highly recommended you book in advance.  

  • Payment in full prior service is required. 
  • Deposit of $ 50 is required to occupy a time slot in our schedule for individual services.
  • When purchasing a package or treatment the deposit required is 50 % of the total. 
  • Reschedule requests are subject to availability and processing fee:
    • $25 when done more than 24 hours before the originally scheduled appointment
    • $50 within 24 hours of service. 
  • Services are individual. No companions in the treatment area. 
  • No children under 18 are allowed.
  • No use of cell phones or any recording devices. 
  • Patients must check in early for all the scheduled services:
    • 15 minutes for lymphatic drainage
    • 15-30 minutes for all other services 
  • We have zero tolerance for late arrivals. The patient is responsible for checking driving conditions to our locations. 
  • No show, no call forfeit their right to reschedule and remaining sessions of treatment will be canceled with no refunds.


When inquiring about our services we will need to know:

  • the date of your surgery
  • how many areas or procedures were done during your surgery?Our prices vary depending on how many areas or procedures got done in your surgery. More areas require more time for us to work on you.
    • If you purchase a package or a treatment the deposit is 50 % of the treatment or $50 for each day you’re reserving a timeslot in our calendar, whichever is lesser.  Balance is due before or on arrival to the first session. 
    • Lymphatic drainage massages need to be booked in advance. If you are wondering how far in advance you should book your post-op treatment, the answer is as soon as you have booked your surgery.


    An evaluation is mandatory for patients from the third-week post-op and all fibrosis treatment candidates.  

    • Therapists do not answer questions via social media or messaging. Please do not send photos or videos.  Observation is performed during consultation exclusively.
    • Consultation is conducted by Director Marian Sotelo-Paz, who is the creator of the techniques for fibrosis prevention and removal. 
    • Assessment is a 1-1 virtual. Due to time constraints, we cannot do evaluations in person at this time. 
    • Evaluations are done Monday – Friday during business hours.  Once we have received the consultation fee, we will provide you with an estimated time frame for the evaluation.
    • It is very important that you understand that the evaluation time frame may fluctuate as some current patients may need extended attention time depending on their condition. 
    • We will do every attempt to fulfill the consultation within the given time and if a delay is unavoidable we apologize beforehand.  This is a medical massage practice where different levels of severity cases arrive and some may take more than others, you must understand this before moving forward. 
    • An advance pre-paid reservation is required for evaluation. 
    • The assessment fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. 
    • The evaluation fee is US$ 55 and covers the time of a specialized therapist to review your case and create a personalized treatment plan. The fee cannot be credited towards any other service or refunded. 
    • The allotted time is 30 minutes. 
    • Online etiquette is required. 


    Our services are in high demand all year round.  We have patients visiting us for treatment from all over the world and they book far in advance to coordinate visas, flights, hotels, etc.  This is one of the reasons why we require a deposit for each session/date you wish to secure availability. 

       → Via CashApp to the number 786 488 8805
      → Via Zelle with our email address:  [email protected]
     → Via bank transfer 

          All payments are non-refundable, with no exceptions.  By submitting your payment we understand your acceptance of our terms of service.  
    Once you have made please submit the screenshot of the payment of the deposit ($50 per each day you wish to secure availability or 50 % when booking a package) 

    We will need this information from you: 

    ⍟  Surgery Date
    ⍟  Surgery areas or Procedure 
    ⍟  Dates requested for treatment and preferred times
    ⍟  Legal name (matching ID) 
    ⍟  Email address where to send you intake forms 

    You have to send this information by text message to:  +1 (786) 488 8805


    We rely on our patients and prospective customers to read through the information provided on this website and the linked social media.  We offer very clear guidelines and we understand your agreement to them when we receive your payment. 

    We provide the services to the highest standards of the industry and you are responsible for the payment, even if it is not to “your liking”.  Personal preference of liking or your expectations is not accepted as a reason for a refund. 

    In the very rare event that we have agreed to a refund, it takes between 7-10 business days to be processed from the day the refund was agreed upon.  It will be processed via the same platform it was received. Please be advised that the financial institutions involved may take additional days for processing.  In any case, we are liable for the processing time.  
    The platform processing fee will be deducted from the refund. 


    • Our line for inquiries is open 24/7 by text message, but services are rendered only during regular business hours.
    • If you need to reschedule service for any reason you must do it at least two hours before the originally scheduled date and time.  
    • Reschedule requests past the originally scheduled appointment time are considered a no-show. As consequence, your treatment is deemed abandoned. There are no refunds for unused sessions. 
    • When booking any package, treatment, or therapeutic plan with us, continuity of the sessions is extremely important.  You need to commit to assisting to your sessions as scheduled, for us to be able to help you achieve the desired results. If you do not show up we cannot risk our reputation because of your inconsistency. Your missed appointments will be considered abandonment of the treatment. 
    • Fibrosis treatments must be completed within 3 months from beginning to end unless otherwise recommended by the therapist evaluating your case. 
    • Lymphatic drainage massages taken over from other therapists or +7 days post-op, due to liability are considered in the second tier for prices always.  Anything over 2 weeks post-op, requires a quick evaluation.  

    • Once you’ve started services with us, if you discontinue and go to another practice we can no longer resume services, due to liability reasons.  No refunds will be given for the unused sessions due to treatment abandonment.


      Service reschedule requests must be done in writing to +1 (786) 488 8805.  When texting please provide: 

        • Preferred date /time you wish to move your appointment to
        • Screenshot of the payment of the reschedule fee: 
          • $25 when done more than 24 hours before the originally scheduled appointment
          • $50 within 24 hours of service. 
          • Fibrosis sessions reschedule is $ 50 per session when requested over 24 hours of the originally booked appointment or $ 100 when requested within 24 hours.  
            Fibrosis sessions are a min of 2 hours each, we truly hope you understand that we cannot fill these spaces on such short notice when you cancel. Please ensure you plan accordingly to avoid cancellations or reschedulings. 
        • New dates are subject to availability. 
        • Date modification due to surgery reschedule must include a notification from the doctor or clinic to qualify for a fee waiver.  It will be postponed for up to three months. 
        • There is no “open date” reschedules. If you do not take your appointment within a specific time frame we will consider your treatment abandoned and no refunds will be granted. (Time frame. For lymphatic drainage, within 48 hours. For fibrosis treatment within 5 days)

        All our services are non-refundable.  If you booked for several sessions and then you decide to take fewer than booked and a cancellation fee of $ 50 for each time slot confirmed and unused, as we missed the chance to book someone else on those dates/times.   If there was a deposit, will be deducted from it.   


      When you do not show to your appointment, three people lose: 

        1. You, the patient, do not receive the service and care that you need. 
        2. Other patients who need services and care could have taken that appointment. 
        3. Us, because our therapists are sitting there wasting valuable time and wondering if you’re going to show up. 

      We understand that things come up and you may need to cancel, but PLEASE be respectful and courteous by at least sending an SMS to +1 (786) 488 8805, at least two hours before your scheduled time to have your date rescheduled. 

      If you are a no-show, no call to your appointment, we will consequently cancel all remaining appointments/sessions of your treatment.  No refunds will be granted for unused sessions.  No exceptions. 

      Services are non-transferable.


      Arrival for appointments should be at least 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time.  If you arrive at our location at your scheduled appointment time, you’re not on time, you’re late.

      You must be there at least 15 minutes before checking in and getting ready. 

      You’re responsible for checking in advance traffic conditions to our locations: 

      •  Miami:   8366 SW 8th St, Miami – 33144
      •  Orlando area:  403 W Vine St, Kissimmee, 34741 

       If late arrival is unavoidable, you must call us with your estimated arrival time and your service will be shortened to allow us to keep on schedule with other patients. No refunds will be granted for the time you were unable to use due to your lateness.
      If your delay is over 10 minutes, your session will not be done as we cannot carry your lateness to other patients. If you do not call and you are not at the office at the appointment time, you will be considered a no-show, no-call.  No exceptions! 


      • Services are individual. No companions in the treatment area. 
      • No children under 18 are allowed.
      • No phones or recording devices while in session. 
      • Any concern or inquiry must be directed to our main number +1 (786) 488 8805. Therapists do not have the authority to address your concerns. 


        It is prohibited to take photos or videos of our location without our written consent.
        We are a Private Practice and we reserve our right to admit. The inability to follow this clause may lead us to take legal action.
        Medical Massage Professionals, LLC will record videos or will take photos only under the patient’s authorization and for educational purposes only, and our company commitment is to preserve your privacy avoiding revealing names, faces, tattoos, Instagram IDs, or personal information.  (like a patient’s plastic surgeon name, in any case.)


      We reserve our right to admit in our premises and as such, we may forbid the entrance of those persons whose conduct does not adhere to the standards or is deemed threatening to our staff.  We have zero tolerance for foul language, insults, and discriminatory comments.