Arthritis Massage Therapy is the Relief You Need

Hundreds of thousands of people live with arthritis and the pain that it presents on a daily basis. Living in constant pain is no way to live. Especially if there are specially trained professionals out there that can help to alleviate that pain, without the use of medications. Arthritis massage therapy for those who suffer from this debilitating disorder has proven to yield life-changing results. Not only can massage therapy soothe ache and pains in one’s joints and muscles, but it can also provide relief from any stress or anxiety that comes secondary to battling such an unforgiving disease.

   There are a number of arthritis massage therapy techniques that can provide a degree of relief to someone with the disorder. Before calling up a spa and setting up an appointment, be sure to speak with your rheumatologist and primary care provider about your desire to give massage therapy a try. You want to consult them on this decision to be sure that massage therapy is safe for you in your condition and won’t cause more harm than good.

   Once it’s been established that this course of treatment could be promising for you, it’s time to go ahead and make that appointment. Some facilities will even ask you to come by for a consult before your session, to ensure that they choose the right course of arthritis massage therapy for your particular needs.  The goal is to make arthritic pain and stiffness better, not worse. This is why it’s important to communicate any pains, discomfort, or general concerns to your massage therapist before beginning this form of therapy.

Techniques that can be applied during Your Arthritis Massage Therapy

   There are a few specific massage therapy techniques that have proven effective in the treatment of arthritis related aches and pains. Those techniques include Swedish, Shiatsu, and Lymphatic massage therapy. All of these techniques can be beneficial when combined with arthritis massage therapy

   Swedish is one of the most common forms of massage therapy, and also the most popular. This technique involves a lot of long strokes and circular movements that promote increased blood flow to the muscles, in turn, loosening muscles that may be tight and tense because of the arthritis disease process.

   Unlike the general target range of a Swedish massage, Shiatsu is a more focused massage therapy. Massage therapists trained in Shiatsu massage techniques will target specific spots that are said to relieve pain in other regions of the body. This phenomenon is called deferred pain. Sometimes pain in one location can cause discomfort in another area. Relief can be brought about in the same manner. These massages depend on the type of pain you are in, so be sure to discuss where your arthritic pains are and how they radiate over that region.

Lymphatic Massages Can Help With Your Arthritis Massage Therapy

   Finally, a lymphatic massage, sometimes also known as a “detox massage” is aimed at helping the excess lymphatic fluid to drain into the bloodstream where it can then be filtered out of the body. A lymphatic massage can be especially helpful for those with arthritis because of the mechanisms of the disease process. Arthritis is an inflammatory disease, and with inflammation comes an excess amount of fluid buildup in the body.

Or Try Something More Personalized

   Personalized massages are also a great option for those who aren’t exactly sure of which specific type of therapy might be most beneficial to them. Massage therapy is a non-pharmacological form of pain relief. Meaning you can safely use this therapy commentary to any medications or treatments otherwise prescribed by your primary physician. Consider all of the health benefits that come along with massage therapy other than the much need pain relief that you will experience, given your body responds to the therapy in such a way. Massage therapy can also significantly reduce stress levels, allowing your mind and body to reach a new level of peace and relaxation that you may not be able to achieve otherwise on a daily basis.