BBL massage is the quick name to designate the massages that are received after the plastic surgery where fat is transferred to the buttocks. BBL or Brazilian butt lift is a surgery in high demand that consists of removing the unwanted fat from the abdomen, back, legs, arms or flanks and relocating in the buttock area. This surgery immediately grants a complete change in the shape of the body, showing off sculptural, curvilinear bodies that end in a bulky and rounded back. Liposuction is surgery to remove unwanted fat, which after processing, is injected into the buttocks immediately after the surgery. This is known as “lipo and bbl”.

The Recovery Stages and BBL Massages

Then starts the recovery process that begins with a series of massages. These BBL massages are specific and are categorized under lymphatic drainage. These massages consist of alleviating the level of discomfort and preventing the formation of imperfections that together are called “fibrosis after liposuction”. While it is true that the fat transferred to the buttocks is considered an implant that should not be touched for at least six weeks, these massages are called BBL massages. The new buttocks should not receive any kind of manipulation or pressure for at least a month and a half. It is also not advisable to sit on them or sleep on their backs. That’s why pillows have been created called “BBL Pillow” and they are specially designed to keep that area free of the pressure that the weight of the body exerts on them. With pressure applied to the area of the buttocks, it is usually observed that they are deformities that derive from the accumulation of fat in the form of lumps in specific areas, which ruins the rounded and sexy appearance that every girl wants to have in her buttocks.

Get A BBL Massage After Your Cosmetic Surgery

It is important when thinking about the post-surgery period, to perform the treatment in a clinic specializing in lymphatic drainage since the lymphatic drainage massage is a specialty within the therapeutic massage. It is also necessary that the person who is going to undergo this type of plastic surgery, invest in buying the accessories you need for recovery. Among them is the BBL pillow which is essential for the weeks after the surgery. Another new term very used in these days is the “360 lipo” which is a term designed to describe 360-degree liposuction, that includes the abdomen, the sides, and the back. The massages after the liposuction are not an option, they are mandatory if you want to have a successful recovery where you do not regret imperfections. Lymphatic drainage massages, also called post-op massages are part of the rehabilitation process after any type of surgery. They help to diminish the fluid that the body forms immediately after surgery, relieve the level of pain, and diminishes or prevents the formation of imperfections such as lumps, uneven areas, wrinkles, indentations or discoloration of the skin, which cause discomfort the result after the surgery. Remember that you’re not only looking for a sexy and curvaceous body but also fresh and healthy skin that accompanies this new figure.