Prenatal Massage Benefits

  Pregnancy is meant to be the happiest time of a young woman’s life, even though it can come with its fair share of complications at times. Just as it is meant to be a time of happiness, pregnancy is largely a time of dramatic changes occurring with the woman’s body. A mother-to-be’s muscles, joints, circulation, and general body tone are just a few aspects that are affected by pregnancy. Mental and physical fatigue are two big challenges to be faced by an expectant mother as if the body is trying to prepare her for what is to come once her baby has been born. 

Prenatal massage therapy is known to significantly ease discomfort related to pregnancy, allowing the mother to better prepare for the big day when she welcomes her new baby to the world. There are numerous benefits that come with prenatal massage therapy, including circulation promoting, mental and physical stress relief, and pain relief. 

Just as massages promote good blood flow to those who are not pregnant, this benefit is crucial for an expectant mother. An expectant mother is supporting the blood flow of circulation of two human beings simultaneously, while also facing circulation issues of her own related to her pregnant state. Undergoing a prenatal massage will increase blood circulation, thus promoting the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to the mother and fetus, stimulating the lymph system. This chain of events, in turn, leads to an increase in immunity and the removal of toxins. 

On that same note, a prenatal massage will also support the venous return of blood to the heart, in turn promoting adequate blood flow to the uterus and placenta for the fetus. Because of the physiological effects of pregnancy, disrupting blood return to the heart, prenatal massages can be extremely beneficial to the mother and fetus alike.

Prenatal Massage is the Better Option

It’s common knowledge that being in a state of pregnancy provokes a number of aches and pains, some more severe than others. A pregnant woman is advised to avoid many pharmaceutical means of pain relief, for the sake of the fetus.  This is why prenatal massages can be extremely beneficial to the mother and her fetus. By promoting pain relief, the mother will respond by releasing endorphins as a result of her relaxed state. These endorphins will allow the mother to remain in a relaxed state as well as experience a better night’s sleep as a result. 

Relaxation-promoting endorphins are the only hormones that are released as a result of a prenatal massage. Hormones such as cortisol, that the mother has been releasing as a result of increased stress will be stabilized. This allows the mother to find some relief from her feelings of stress and depression related to her pregnancy. The fetus is highly sensitive to a mother’s physical and emotional state of being throughout a pregnancy. This is why maintaining a therapeutic level of calmness and serenity is so important during pregnancy. 

 Just as skin to skin is a crucial factor at the time of delivery of a newborn baby, it is also very important during the pregnancy as well. As humans, we are highly responsive to (nonsexual) human touch and positive energy. Spending that one on one time with a prenatal massage therapist can provide the expectant mother with some much-needed emotional support as well as nurturing touch.

A fetus is only as healthy as its mother continues to be throughout her pregnancy. Although most mothers instinctively want to do for their children before doing for themselves, treating your body right and keeping yourself healthy is the best thing you can do for your unborn child as you prepare to bring them into this world.