Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami and Orlando

* Have you ever wondered when is the right time to book your post-op lymphatic drainage massage?   The answer is:  as soon as you have a date for your surgery. 

Our services are in high demand, for this reason, we require a deposit for each time slot you wish to secure. The deposit is not refundable or transferable but is part of the total price of the package.  By submitting your payment you agree to our terms of service.

* Reschedule fees apply


OUR technique is patented in the US fibrosis preventative (Post Surgery Drainage Sotelo-Paz Technique®

Although lymphatic drainage after cosmetic surgery has multiple benefits, it is not “the best option” for post-op treatment.   Our exclusive technique is fibrosis preventative and the best ally after lipo, BBL, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, or any cosmetic surgery.  Our therapy will stimulate the lymphatic system and help your body eliminate fluids and small lumps.

Take it from us, we are the only center in the United States that can offer you:

  • Two patented techniques: One for fibrosis prevention and the other to reduce and remove fibrosis
  • University degree professional with specialization in Physiotherapy Dermato-functional, Post Surgery. ( 4 years + specialization)
  • Over 32+ years of experience
  • Worldwide patients
  • Proven results and patient testimonials. Over 1000 photos “before & after”

Are willing to risk the results of your surgery, putting yourself in hands with only 500 hours of training? 

Or would you rather have the peace of mind knowing you have someone with our training and reputation?  Don’t let it be too late. 

Why settle for less when you can have the best?   Post-Surgery drainage in Miami and Orlando is available 7 days a week. Send a text to 786 488 8805 for more information or to book your appointment.

Our Services

Below you will find our services.  We take patients starting 24 hours post-op.  Prices for post-surgery massages in Miami and Orlando vary depending on:  

🕉️   How long ago was your surgery done?  

🕉️   How many areas of your body were done during surgery? 






Evaluation is required for all fibrosis candidates. We are the only center for fibrosis prevention and fibrosis treatment with patented techniques in the United States. 
Proven results, real testimonials.  See our Instagram gallery. 


The post-operatory period is not indefinite. It lasts only a couple of weeks, and to obtain good results, this period must be used wisely. This is why our treatments focus on the stage of your post-op you’re through and use the appropriate technique in each case.  

When you are just out of surgery, within the first 48 hours, and no other therapist has worked on you, and you have not performed self-massage, our  “first option” plan allows us to start fresh and consistently adequate the protocol according to progress. After cosmetic surgery, lymphatic drainage is recommended. Approximately ten sessions could provide a successful post-op when the correct technique is applied. 

In addition to the “first option” plan, we also offer “Our Very Own” therapeutic plan, with sessions strategically distributed and valuable coaching, flexibility of modification according to progress, and our signature that you will not develop fibrosis. This treatment is fibrosis-preventative, and it is the only one of its kind in the US.  

Our “second choice” plan is for patients within the first week and no later than the second week of their surgery who have not yet experienced an improvement and have seen some red flags that could lead to fibrosis. 


Lymphatic Drainage After Cosmetic Surgery


One common “mistake” is to follow the same protocol for everyone. The same manual therapy for the first day after surgery does not always suit the needs of the seventh day after surgery.  

When selecting your massage therapist, it is essential to remember that the therapeutic plan is flexible enough to evolve with your progress. 

We have the knowledge and experience to evolve with your progress and facilitate the results that you’re looking for. 

Post Op Treatments


They both have a protocol that is determined by Marian.

The ten-session package is priced as shown in the diagram with different pricing for week days and weekend and holidays for an additional charge. .  

 With “Our Very Own” therapeutic plan in some way it is contemplated in case it is necessary to include weekends and holidays if needed. 

Although both have the same number of sessions, the basic plan is for those patients who want to determine the frequency of their sessions, without taking into account the therapist’s recommendation, so as such, we cannot guarantee the results. 

The “Our Very Own” therapeutic plan includes the fibrosis prevention part, and the frequency of the sessions is determined to optimize the result. Even if a couple of additional sessions are necessary, they will be added at no additional cost. The therapeutic plan also includes a follow-up consultation after 30 days as well as instructions regarding the use of faja and Marian coaching for a successful post-operative period.  “Our Very Own” therapeutic plan is not suitable for patients with existing fibrosis or after revision surgery. 

Our Very Own Therapeutic Plan

“Our Very Own” Therapeutic Plan Include:


Post-op lymphatic drainage


Fibrosis Preventative Technique


Use of organic oils


100% disposable materials


Cleaning of drains


Stitches and drainage removal upon surgeon authorization (surcharge apply )


Help and training with compression garments


Help and training with accessories


Additional recovery room with massage table for waiting or recovery if needed


Complimentary arnica tea and snacks for our patients


  • Fibrosis treatment is done exclusively in Central Florida (Kissimmee zip code 34741). 
  • The consultation is conducted by Lic. Marian Sotelo-Paz created the two US-patented techniques to prevent and correct fibrosis after cosmetic surgery.   
  • Therapists do not answer questions via social media or messaging.
  • Please do not send photos or videos.  Observation is performed exclusively during consultation.
  • Assessment is a 1-1 virtual.  Due to time constraints, we limit in-person evaluations.
    We do not do evaluations and treatments on the same day. 
  • Evaluations are conducted on weekdays during our regular business hours.  
  • The time frame is provided in EST.  Candidates are responsible for checking the time difference between their time zone and Florida (EST)
  • We provide a time frame. (see our time frame disclaimer before proceeding)



    • A time frame is a lapse between two given hours. This means we can contact you at any point between these hours.
      We will ask you if you are available for the video call.  
      • If you answer that you are available, we will place your name on our candidate list and give you a more accurate connection time.
        When it is your turn in the queue, we will provide calling instructions.
      • If you do not answer promptly (within five minutes), we must move on to the next candidate or patient to keep ourselves on schedule.
        When this happens, we will bump your name for the next availability, or you can reply with your next availability, and we will try to coordinate.

    If something comes up on your end and you won’t be available, let us know, and we will gladly reschedule your appointment up to three times.  

    • We aim to provide on-time service, but some candidates and patients require more time than others, so we do not provide an exact time.
      Like in any other virtual meeting, numerous factors, such as internet connection and technical issues, are outside our control and could cause delays.
    • If a fluctuation on our end is unavoidable, we apologize beforehand. We are a very busy practice. We do our best to accommodate all consultations between patients in treatment and other candidates such as yourself. 

    Candidates must understand this “time frame” policy and how flexibility is essential. We can always reschedule if you cannot abide by the proposed time frames.  We know you are also busy, and we will do our best to coordinate a meeting time. 

    While we realize that waiting could be frustrating, good communication and a respectful attitude is always expected.  We will never tolerate any candidate calling us unprofessional or derogatory names if the “time frame” condition for the consultations is not clearly understood. 

    Do not proceed with your booking if you disagree with our “time frame” disclaimer. By submitting your payment for a consultation, we understand your agreement with these conditions.
    Even when times are approximate, we are still professional and legit. If you have any questions about who we are and what we do, doing research is recommended before proceeding.

  • An advance pre-paid reservation is required for evaluation
  • The assessment fee of US$ 55 is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.  Payment will not be credited towards any other service. 
  • This consultation fee covers the time of a specialized therapist to review your case and create a personalized treatment plan. 
  • Once the payment is received, we will send you a form (“Authorization for Consultation”) that must be completed before the meeting.  With this form, you will
        • Authorize us to gather the relevant background (surgery dates, etc.) 
        • We can assess if you are a candidate for our technique. 
        • Estimate the number of sessions needed. 
        • Quote a custom-made treatment plan according to your specific needs. 
  • The allotted time is 30 minutes, in which: 
        • We will ask specific questions 
        • We will answer your questions. 
        • We will observe the areas of concern.

You must know what areas you want to have treated. After the evaluation, no other zones will be added.  

72 business hours after the evaluation, we will email you a “Report of findings” with recommendations and prices.

Vodder Technique

The Vodder technique is available for patients with medical conditions. We will require a doctor’s note. 

We do not offer this as a post-op treatment past the third day after surgery as it is not fibrosis-preventative. 

For our Miami location, this is the only option offered. 

How Do I …

How to book my post op treatment
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CashApp (4%), Venmo (7%), and Paypal(7%) have a fee surcharge above the regular rate. 

By submitting your payment we understand your agreement to our terms of service. 

Deposits are non refundable.