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Masajes Linfaticos en Miami

Es bien sabido que la industria de la estética es una industria billonaria. Cada día los amantes de la estética y el “arte de lucir bien” recurren a métodos invasivos y no invasivos a la hora de mejorar su apariencia. Los precios de las cirugías estéticas están al...

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Masajes Linfaticos Despues de la Liposuccion

En este blog queremos hablarte de la importancia de los masajes linfáticos después de la liposucción. En tiempos modernos, cada día son más las personas que se someten a la clásica cirugía plástica de liposucción con transferencia de grasa. Esa indeseada grasa que se...

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Lo Que Todas Deben Saber de Fibrosis Antes del Tratamiento

La fibrosis es un conjunto de características que se hacen presente después de la liposucción. Estas imperfecciones se manifiestan como nudos duros y dolorosos, áreas desparejas, arrugas, poros grandes, coloración mas oscura, aspecto ondulado o en algunas ocasiones...

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Medical Massage Therapy

Unlike traditional massage, medical massage therapy focuses on a specific medical diagnosis as part of the physician's treatment plan and can be recommended for a variety of maladies, including carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines. It isn't a specific style of...

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Miami Therapeutic Massage: What Qualifies As One?

When you think of the phrase “therapeutic massage” you may just think of a day at the spa, wrapped in a white towel, having your back and shoulders rubbed down by a massage therapist. This style of massage will most definitely have you feeling revitalized after the...

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Spa Massage vs. Medical Massage

Medical massage is a category of therapeutic massage and a specialty. When a massage therapist obtains their license, they have the possibility of treating healthy people or patients with a physical condition. This is how they begin to prepare to work in a spa or...

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BBL Massage

BBL massage is the quick name to designate the massages that are received after the plastic surgery where fat is transferred to the buttocks. BBL or Brazilian butt lift is a surgery in high demand that consists of removing the unwanted fat from the abdomen, back,...

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What is Fibrosis After Liposuction?

After any kind of surgery, the skin can build up adhesions. This adhesion is present in the process of scarring and is an unnatural accumulation of elements in the form of bands which abnormally connect two or more surfaces of tissues and disturb the body functions....

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Arthritis Massage Therapy is the Relief You Need

Hundreds of thousands of people live with arthritis and the pain that it presents on a daily basis. Living in constant pain is no way to live. Especially if there are specially trained professionals out there that can help to alleviate that pain, without the use of...

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