After Surgery Massages 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Cosmetic Surgery  

Do I need one?

The short answer is YES! A therapeutic plan that includes lymphatic drainage is essential for surgery recovery.

After surgery, lymphatic drainage therapy is the best ally.  It will help your body eliminate the excess fluids, making the swelling go down.  This will help ease the discomfort and pain post-op.

It will flush the metabolic waste from the tissues of the body and it will boost the healing response.



lymphatic drainage results

We have established that massages are your number one friend in your post-op, but there is more than just a massage.

Is any massage the same?

The short answer is no.  
Let’s review some critical differences in massages after liposuction and cosmetic surgeries.

Traditional Massage:

A traditional massage is a different therapy altogether. 

Massage works on soft tissues ( muscles, tendons, fascia) 

  • Normalize the state of soft tissues.    
  • Enhance tissue healing.
  • Improve circulation.       
  • Reduce muscular tension or restriction. 
  • Improve range of movement.   
  • Speed up recovery from injuries.
  • Stimulates or sedates the nervous system, allowing relaxation.
  • Reduce stress levels. 
  • Improve sleep.

Patients can request the focused area to be treated and the pressure of their liking; this could be altered from session to session. 

The therapist does not need a specific pathway as it focuses on the stressed or pained area.  

There are different modalities (deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, etc.), but they are all focused on the musculoskeletal system (Bones, muscles, joints along with cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.)


MLD - MANUAL Lymphatic Drainage

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) is a technique Dr. Vodders and his wife developed to treat swollen lymph nodes.  Lymphatic drainage can be practiced on people who are contraindicated from massage therapy because of swelling to move stagnant or excessive lymph fluid (edema) due to illness, traumatic injuries, or surgery.   

  • Drain excess fluids and toxins out of the body.
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Improve lymph and blood flow.
  • Help to eliminate toxins. 

 Lymphatic drainage massage involves minimal pressure and follows precise pathways that should not be altered without medical reasoning.  Because of these benefits, it’s commonly used immediately after surgery to help eliminate fluids and speed up the recovery from cosmetic surgery.

MLD therapists must take additional training to become certified in lymphatic drainage.  

As this technique is a specialty, please make sure your therapist is certified and qualified to work on you. Someone who is not can cause more harm than benefits. 




1-3This innovative technique, created and patented by Marian Sotelo-Paz, focuses on providing the proper post-op treatment to those who have undergone cosmetic surgery.

While MLD therapists can help a wide range of patients, there is a considerable need to target those with a specific need for a specialized approach after a significant surgery, combining the prevention of the most common side effects, like fibrosis.

  • It speeds up the healing process.
  • It stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • It helps eliminate fluids and small lumps that could have been developed due to incorrect lymphatic drainage.
  • Prevents the formation of new lumps and hardness.
  • Improves the skin texture.
  • Helps achieve smooth and even surgically treated areas.
  • Helps the scarring process.

The recovery time is short, crucial, and precious for testing modalities unsuitable for post-op needs. We offer two options to tackle the post-op and prevent the undesired fibrosis:

FIRST CHOICE►  Fresh out of surgery, begin 24 hours after and up to the third day when you have received no post-op massages.  

SECOND CHOICE► when you need us to take over your post op treatment (you had massages done already) and you are 4-10 days after your surgery. 


Post op modalities

Have you passed two weeks post-op? 

Have you had many massages done? 

Do you still have swelling?   

Do you think you still need more massages? 

You should schedule a consultation with a fibrosis expert if you answered yes to at least two of these questions.

Fibrosis could develop as soon as the first week of surgery if the post-op treatment is inadequate.

Do not wait for another package of massages to see results! The longer you wait, your body will continue healing with irregularities that will not get better using the same treatment that created them in the first place.

Click here for more information about fibrosis post-lipo or to schedule a consultation now.

What does lymphatic drainage therapy involve?

Contrary to popular belief, MLD, or Manual Lymphatic Drainage, involves a trained person hands-on; even nowadays, people think that MLD stands for “Machine Lymphatic Drainage,” as often shown in social media. 

Manual lymphatic drainage requires a trained massage therapist who has taken steps to become specialized and certified in the lymphatic system. Furthermore, post-surgery lymphatic drainage requires even more skills and study, provided as additional training. It is a specialty because we all agree it is not the same to massage a ballerina or sports person to help alleviate the swelling as a cancer patient or someone who has just had major surgery.  They may all need lymphatic drainage, but the focus and targets differ entirely.  

The approach to each case is different.  Sadly, with the surge of cosmetic surgeries, the high demand for post-surgery lymphatic drainage has shown that many people are attempting to perform massages on post-op patients.  Estheticians, nurses, and nurse assistants, amongst others, are making “massages” to patients after their surgery without the proper training and, unfortunately, outside their scope of practice.  

They also provide other modalities, such as pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage machinery, with a wide variety of devices that claim effectiveness, and unfortunately, all they do is waste valuable recovery time. 


Lymphatic Drainage After Cosmetic Surgery

POST OP Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage massage after cosmetic surgery should begin 24 hours after surgery and up to the third day to begin.

  • Time per session must be proportional to the areas done at the surgery to be effective. 
  • The minimum session duration is 45 minutes for one area. (360º+ BBL is considered one area). 
  • It’s recommended to increment 15 minutes per additional area.
  • All the areas surgically treated must be included.

Stimulates the release of tumescent fluid, residual anesthesia, and excess lymphatic fluid. 




After Surgery Fibrosis Preventative Manual Therapy

Post-Surgery DrainageⓇ

In addition to all the already-known benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, this technique is recommended for those who have passed the first 4 to 10 days of the surgery because it targets the harder areas, removing the fluids and small lumps.

This is the only technique that is fibrosis-preventative and has been patented in the United States.

Because of the exclusivity of this modality, nowhere else is performed, despite the misleading advertising of many practices.

As most patients come to us after receiving a series of sessions somewhere else, we will do a quick evaluation to distribute the sessions according to your best therapeutic outcome.




"Our Very Own" Therapeutic Plan

“Our very own” treatment plan consists of ten sessions strategically distributed with the best therapeutic outcome in mind. 

  • One-in-the-world fibrosis preventative technique. 
  • Exclusive top-of-the-line protocols. 
  • Expert guidance.
  • Our commitment that you will not develop fibrosis or your fibrosis treatment is on us.

This treatment plan is for you if: 

  • This is your first lipo or tummy tuck surgery. 
  • You’re scheduled for traditional surgery
  • We are your first choice post-op practice. No other treatments have been received anywhere else. Not even self-massages. 
  • You can start within 48 hours after surgery. 
  • You can commit to attending sessions as scheduled and can follow instructions. 
  • You do not want fibrosis as part of your new body structure.


Should I use MLD as a post-op treatment? 

To make an informed decision, know the key differences: 

MLD was created mainly to treat injured soldiers and alleviate swelling and pain. It is commonly used to treat patients with lymphedema, lipedema, oncology conditions, etc. 

Post-op is focused on a person who’s undergone a major surgery.  The types of conditions that are developed in the body after cosmetic surgery are far different from those that have controlled medical conditions.  From the positioning to the wrapping, sequence, and frequency, the post-op is tailor-made for those needs. 

While MLD could be used after cosmetic surgery, after a few days, the post-op is more effective. 

Vodder Technique
What are the negative consequences of not receiving lymphatic drainage post-surgery or getting it done incorrectly?

   One of the main objectives of lymphatic drainage after cosmetic surgery is stimulating the release of tumescent fluid, residual anesthesia, and excess lymphatic fluid.  All of these elements produce significant inflammation with the consequent discomfort and pain.

It is then clear that after adequate lymphatic drainage, you should feel relieved and better. It should have the correct pressure and follow the pathway for your body to dispose of the fluids properly.  It is slow, rhythmic, and gentle. 

An incorrect manual lymphatic drainage can do more harm than good. 

The hands must also be moved with a unique stimulation technique that can only be learned if you have taken face-to-face courses. 

Find a lymphatic drainage certified therapist, not someone who performs regular massages or just watched some videos online. 

It is easy to find who can do massages. It is even easier to get who can do them for cheap. 

Are you willing to let the thousands of dollars spent in surgery go to waste for having an inadequate post-op? 

Unfortunately, an incorrect post-op treatment can lead to an extended recovery process and the development of fibrosis.  Furthermore, in some cases, infections. Some places do “Incisional Drainage,” a questionable and controversial way to force fluids through the surgical incision. It is prohibited in the State of Florida, and there are records of practitioners who have had their licenses revoked because of this practice. 

The recovery time is too precious to waste with an inadequate post-op treatment.  The body’s proper response is to start healing immediately after the surgery, so it is convenient to do the appropriate treatment immediately.  

Here is a compilation of our most frequently asked questions

Q – When can I start my massages?   
A – Twenty-four hours after your surgery, when your surgeon has cleared you to do so. 

Q – I will start doing my first few massages at the clinic where I had the surgery. Can I book the rest of them with you?
A – Sure! Due to liability, we will require an evaluation to take over someone’s post-op treatment. 

Q – I want to start with you, but the clinic makes me have the first few sessions with them!   
A – The surgeon or the clinic cannot force you to have your post-op done with them. You are free to select the therapist more qualified for your needs. 

Q – The first few massages are included in the package where I had my surgery.         
A – The post-op massages are not part of the surgery, so you can refuse to do them in the same place.   If you ask for a detailed invoice, you will notice that they’re billed separately.  

Q – How many massages do I need?       
A – It’s essential to have your surgeon’s recommendation; however, it depends if the correct technique is performed. When a patient comes firsthand to us (no other treatments have been received anywhere else, not even self-massage), we typically require ten sessions.  

Q –  I have had my surgery two weeks ago, and I had massages every day. I feel swollen, and I want to try someone else’s hands. Can you do a try-out session? 
A –  If the post-op was done correctly, no more massages should be needed after the second week. The swelling should have subsided significantly, therefore chances are a different approach is needed.  We would recommend to schedule a consultation. 







At Medical Massage Professionals, we offer top-quality post-surgery massages in Miami and the Orlando area. Our skilled therapists specialize in lymphatic drainage massage, a crucial therapy for surgery recovery. We are certified, licensed and insured. 

Our treatments provide relief and comfort after cosmetic surgery by eliminating excess fluids, reducing swelling, and boosting healing. Unlike traditional massages, lymphatic drainage follows precise pathways and requires certified therapists to ensure safe and effective treatment. Don’t settle for cheap imitations or inexperienced practitioners—choose our ‘Very Own’ therapeutic plan consisting of ten strategically distributed sessions to prevent fibrosis and guarantee your best therapeutic outcome.

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