Miami Therapeutic Massage: What Qualifies As One?

When you think of the phrase “therapeutic massage” you may just think of a day at the spa, wrapped in a white towel, having your back and shoulders rubbed down by a massage therapist. This style of massage will most definitely have you feeling revitalized after the fact, but if you had this massage just as a treat to yourself on a special occasion, it is unlikely you will be returning for another any time soon. Until the next special occasion that is.

    A “just because” massage is great for someone feeling overworked and just wanting to treat themselves to something relaxing. This kind of massage does not qualify for the title of being a therapeutic massage. A Miami therapeutic massage is more so a massage that is done with a goal in mind. A goal that has been determined by the client as well as their massage therapist. Sometimes even their primary health care physician may be involved in the process.
  You may present to your therapist’s office with a specific muscle group that is in need of their special attention. That could be a pain in your hip or shoulder or even a strained muscle in your neck or lower back. Your therapists’ goal is to help you reduce this pain and return to your normal level of functionality. Unlike treating one’s self to a massage day just for the sake of getting your back rubbed down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. That kind of massage is just not considered to be of the therapeutic variety, medically speaking.

How It Works: A Therapeutic Massage in Miami 

   When you first arrive at your new massage therapist’s office, they will begin by assessing your current condition. They will undoubtedly ask you about your problem, where the pain begins and where it radiates to. They may also ask you what sort of activity triggers the pain, and what brings it relief.

 Once this has been established, they will then propose a plan. They may recommend a series of sessions that are focused on your specific areas of pain. Your massage therapist may also give you a list of things you can do for yourself when at home. Such as a certain range of motion exercises or stretches. Ice packs or heating pads may also be recommended. These interventions are all problem specific, as your massage therapist will explain to you. 

On that same day, or maybe on a later date, the massage therapist will begin your therapy sessions, according to the plan you both agreed to. At the end of that session, as well as after each following session they will evaluate the outcome of the therapy. The more often that you visit your therapist the faster you will see the results of the therapy. 

    Long story short, getting a massage at a resort or spa on a one-time occasion with no apparent issues is a much different experience than going to a massage therapist to help you alleviate a special pain or problem. When you receive a Miami therapeutic massage, it is usually on a weekly basis, or multiple times a week. You are getting these massages to help you resolve a muscle-related problem that you had been experiencing. According to a plan that you have developed with your massage therapist. Why let yourself continue to suffer through a pain that can be eliminated through a therapeutic massage in Miami?